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Now established for over 83 years, Colibri is traditionally known as a lighter manufacturer. Since its inception, Colibri has developed its existing line of products, which have come to include: Background Vintage cigarette lighters are among the most popular collectibles today, both for their aesthetic value and brand associations. There are two different form factors available: First invented in and then improved in the s, pocket cigarette lighters became as common as keys or wallets by the s. The three basic types of vintage lighters include manual flint and wheel spark ignites a wick or creates a flame above a gas valve , semi-automatic wheel also opens the fuel source cover , and automatic requires only a button push. The first lighters were called strike lighters and were similar to matches. Users would scratch a flint with a wand with a hard metal tip and a wick at the end. It would create sparks, which would ignite the wick, which was soaked with fluid. By the s, lighters had become functional as well as artistic with the advent of the semiautomatic lighter, where the user flips open the lid and a flint wheel simultaneously spins and ignites the wick.

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The following pipe briefcase was a birthday gift years ago. Purchased from an unknown source: Cleaning Supplies Kitchen Matches in cast iron holder A. Logo Zippo, courtesy aspipes. Others prefer wooden matches, citing that even the best lighters will taint the experience with fumes from the spent fuel.

Just in time for Father’s Day comes an amazing new lighter concept from Colibri: the Flexion. Instead of bringing the lighter (shown above) right up to your cigar, you can extend a flexible arm a couple of inches from the lighter to point the flame wherever you want it! first-generation Cuban seeds dating back as far as Collected.

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The Colibri Group , one of the most best-known U. A form of bankruptcy where a receiver is appointed to run a company and recoup as many debts as possible. The year-old company, based in E. The closing was so sudden that employees were told that Jan.

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Ronson Standard De-Light The first gas fueled lighter, the Gentry – a table lighter, is introduced by the Quercia family owned Flaminaire Company and is shortly followed by a pocket model called the Crillion. The early butane lighters all used proprietary single use gas tanks. When the tank was empty, you bought another one – a good revenue stream for the manufacturers.

Later this evolved to a system of refillable tanks that used proprietary cylinders to fill them – you had to buy the right gas cylinder for your lighter. A little further on butane gas could be bought from third party manufacturers – who often included adapters so you could refill any of several brands of lighters.

Eventually almost all butane lighters used standardized filler mechanisms. In some cases, it is possible to still get the old lighters and work on the tanks to make them refillable and end up with a working lighter. The French Samec Company introduces the first disposable butane lighter – the Cricket. The disposable lighter was to have almost as much a transforming effect on the lighter industry as the flint because it ushered in a new age of very cheap, disposable lighters and effectively put most of the makers of durable lighters out of business over a period of time.

The first patent application for a piezoelectric lighter is submitted by Sapphire-Molectric – a subsidiary of Colibri – and designed by Hans Lowenthal and Martin Paul Levy.

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Colibri lighters have a limited repair service warranty that is good for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers the replacement of mechanical parts and excludes damage from accidents or misuse.

How to Repair Colibri Lighters Category: Featuring specialised lighters, such as those designed specifically for women or for lighting cigars, Colibri creates high-quality produc [More] How to Repair Colibri Cigar Lighters Category: Known for producing innovative and quality lighters, Colibri first offered lighters for sale in the early s.

The Zippo manufacturers are so confident in their long lifespan that they offer free service and repair if you do come across a situation where you need it. However, you can do a few simp [More] How to repair cigarette lighters Category: Normally, there is little in the way of repair you can do for a disposable lighter, but there are several ways to fix up a windproof lighter. These boats are constructed with this high-grade plastic so that they can endure the demands placed on them by white water enthusiasts.

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Zippo lighters are durable, refillable and built for a lifetime of use. Find the lighter that is perfect for you – several models and hundreds of designs.

A Bit Of History “A lighter is the epitome of a great idea, designed brilliantly and executed with the highest level of precision engineering,” says Richard Ball, a London-based dealer and the founder of the member nonprofit Lighter Club of Great Britain. The earliest lighters were tinder pistols, invented in the mid-seventeenth century, shortly after the first flintlock firearms were made. Resourceful gunsmiths began recycling broken pistols, using the barrel to store tinder rather than gunpowder.

The trigger released a mechanism that struck a piece of iron and directed the sparks onto the tinder, which would ignite. Table tinder pistols were often combined with candlesticks, clocks and inkwells, while pocket models were designed to be carried like a weapon. The solution arrived about 60 years later with the fusee, an early version of the wick lighter.

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Jun 12,  · On all other Zippo lighters I’ve ever seen, the “front” (design or logo side) is shown when you view the lighter with the hinge on the left. Tip the lighter when holding it face front, and the bottom stamp is usually right-side-up.

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