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Aural heaven, where bass, mids, and treble meet. The primary seven points are due to the crystal clear, non-fatiguing highs from the ferro-fluid tweeter, and startling realism in human voices male and female – no boom for males and no shrill for females via the midrange. The sound was O. With the volume fluctuating between the range of 65 and 75 dBA Even though I could easily afford a pricier pair, I’m stuck on these because of their output and aesthetics and view them amongst the last of the great three-way floorstanding speakers available via retail before designers decided to manufacture virtually every pair in line array form with a series of 6.

And, as I found out a few weeks ago with the volume turned up to “11” while cleaning the gutters on my house, they can definitely rock the house at ear-bleeding levels if necessary with virtually no audile distortion.

Aug 24,  · System: Pioneer PDP XDE, xbox , xbox hd dvd drive, ps2, Game Cube, Wii, Sky+ PVR3, Denon , Pioneer DVRHX-S, Pioneer DVAVi-S, Paradigm PS, Monitor Audio RS8 (Bi-Amp), Monitor Audio RSLCR (Bi wired), Monitor Audio RS5, The Chord Company UK ODYSSEY 4 (QED Air Loc).

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Paradigm Premium Wireless Play-Fi Series Speakers/Amp Preview

I also have a sound bar. My speakers are a set of Paradigm Micro , amp range watt, nominal 8 ohm, bookshelf speakers. Can I use all 3 speaker to get ‘pseudo’ surround sound? Which connections in the back of the receiver should I use? Maybe the owner’s manual will explain everything.

turn it up and any paradigm rep and they will tell you that to get this kind of in room SPL you would have to purchase their sub 25 reference model.. now dont get me wrong, the ps will not play as deep or refined as the $ paradigm sub 25, but for less then a quarter of the price you can have 90% of the performance of the sub /5(52).

My experience of the brand, especially its Monitor Series, goes all the way back to the first series, some 20 years ago, when I bought my first hi-fi speaker, the Monitor 7. The Monitor 7 served in my two-channel music system as well as my burgeoning home theater, and gave me years of enjoyment. My lasting impression of the speaker was one of balance throughout the entire audioband.

Ever since, whether owned or being reviewed by me, one model or another from this iconic line has been in my system. Its depth of nearly 14″ is 2″ less than the old Monitor Surprisingly, the Series 7 Monitor 11 is a three-way design; the previous Monitor 11 was a 2. New to the Series 7 Monitor 11 is the plastic plinth the speaker rests on.

In fact, by raising the speaker 1. The only other beef I have with the Monitor 11 is its Black Ash finish. But the finish elicits no excitement from anyone seeing the speakers in a well-lit room. Too bad Paradigm got rid of the Wenge that my review pair of the older Monitor 11s was finished in; it looked much richer than this. To be fair, a Heritage Cherry finish is available that I have not seen. This three-way loudspeaker has same number of drivers as the previous version:

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The key to this trio of speakers is the small main speakers coupled with the compact-sized, innovative subwoofer that kicks out substantial bass performance. It was shocking how good these speakers perform. The third-order crossover frequency is centered at 2. The powered subwoofer is the heart of the system — with bass crossover, connections and amplification housed in a narrow, sealed enclosure measuring 14 -inches x 5-inches x inches. The woofer is uniquely shaped, at inches by 3-inches and moves a substantial amount of air, claimed to reach down to 26 Hz at its -3 db point.

Peak power is watts total. The fixed crossover is Hz.

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I have the receiver as well, and I don’t have any issues with bass at all I’m inclined to believe that your problems are more setup-related than the receiver itself. First, with respect to your concerns about the flat sound and lack of bass with your Atoms. Go into the manual setup and verify that the Atoms fronts are listed as large when you are not using a subwoofer, and that the sub setting is set to “off” or “none” I can’t remember what it is exactly.

Otherwise your Atoms aren’t being fed a bass signal from the receiver at all and it’s being redirected to the sub Also, please verify that your speaker are hooked up properly at both ends

Set-up – Hook up external stimulus sensors (opto-detectors, mics, TTL) and a response device (response pad, robotic key actuator, sounder, TTL) Test – Use a wizard to select a stimulus pattern to automatically respond to/event mark.

What makes the Paradigm Soundscape a standout product? Paradigm award-winning sound quality! Our own Digital Signal Processing platform makes sure every note of that bass is clean and musical. Tailor the listening experience with switchable EQ modes to suit placement on a wall or flat surface. Action packed movies or multichannel music?

With Dolby Digital encoded material, turn on the Dedicated Movie Mode with Paradigm Virtual Surround for a breath-taking surround experience full details on this later. Switch to Music Mode for 2-channel listening.

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Paradigm 90P — How to hook up to amp? I have a received an older pair of Paradigm 90P floor-standing speakers that I want to use as the LF and RF speakers in a home theatre steup. Each speaker includes a powered subwoofer. I understand that I can simply connect speaker wire from the LF and RF of the receiver to the banana terminal on the back of the speakers; however, do I need to also connect an RCA cable for the subwoofer?

Paradigm Soundscape Soundbar. The Paradigm Soundscape Soundbar is ideal for flat panels of 50″and upwards. Driven by seven high-performance drivers to deliver an engaging surround-sound experience, the soundbar packs an impressive 7 x 50 watts peak power and has digital optical & analog stereo inputs for direct hook-up of Blu-ray™, DVD/CD’s, satellite receiver or other external sources.

Unlike other wireless platforms, Play-Fi is open, meaning that users can mix and match Play-Fi products from across brands. Unlike similar room correction offerings that use the mic built into your phone, ARC uses an actual separate calibration microphone. This is a standout feature that online makes the Paradigm wireless speakers worth considering. It also features a subwoofer output to help fill larger rooms or simply play deeper bass. It sports the same drivers and a subwoofer output.

However, the amplifier is slightly less powerful W dynamic peak, W RMS , but that loss of power is pretty minor. The biggest difference is the form factor. The PW looks like a small bookshelf speaker instead of a tabletop stereo. I think it would fit well on a kitchen countertop, or a pair of them would work well on opposite sides of a bookcase.

It features stereo RCA inputs, Ethernet to hardwire the unit to your network for increased reliability, and a USB port for firmware updates. There are two pairs of speaker terminals on the back, enough to hook up a single pair of speakers.

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