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So far the archaeological sequence is broadly as predicted in LP Archaeology’s desk based assessment, and we are now down to mid 17th century levels in one trench, digging through levelling dumps containing lots of brick rubble. The upper surface of these dumps had been levelled out to form an external surface in the mid-late 17th century, with a brick pier base suggesting a building that is not shown on Ogilby and Morgan’s map of Ogilby and Morgan’s mapping is known to be highly accurate and is an excellent snapshot of the built environment in the late 17th century, however the surveyors could not always access back yards and enclosed private land, and the speed of building after the Great Fire means that some buildings are missing -especially smaller or more temporary structures. The map is however by far the best City-wide survey of London before the Ordnance Survey, and is a fantastic resource for archaeologists and historians with accurate mapping of roads, yards and houses, as well as the contemporary street and place names. There are tantalising glimpses of industrial activity within the rubble dumps including glass making waste, crucible fragments and slag, as well as Roman brick and opus signinum which may or may not be from the adjacent Roman town wall. Closely dateable clay tobacco pipes and ceramics should allow the sequence of dumps and surfaces to be dated and the rate of the dumping worked out -is this a single, orchestrated, episode of ground levelling intended to eradicate the line of the former City Ditch, or a piece-meal and ongoing process? Borehole evidence also suggests the presence of ‘peaty’ deposits within these fills, possibly preserved organic remains from refuse and waste dumped in the disused City ditch in the post-medieval period.

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Share via Email Ah, spooning … but watch out for ‘awkward arm’. For the fiction, it’s the Urban Dictionary. Created in by Aaron Peckham, who was then just a first-year student, the site allows anybody to add a word or phrase of modern slang along with its definition.

Positioned as an “urban” dating site, Shela’s press pack is pretty scant on information about what makes it different from all the other dating sites and apps out there. As is the case with most dating sites, it allows users access to a real-time stream of activity by other members, the ability to add other members as friends and private.

Mature dating in the UK Search for members by county Urbansocial Mature is an online dating service for sociable mature singles over Online dating with Urbansocial Mature is a great way to meet mature single men and single women over 40 who are looking to meet like-minded over 40s near them. Launched in , Urbansocial has been matchmaking singles over 40 across the UK for well over a decade.

Our mature online dating site allows all new members over 40 to add a dating profile for free, and search for other singles over 40 located near to them. Mature upgraded dating members then contact each other though our secure online messaging system. We have lots of special features online to help you find the someone special that lives near you. To maximise your chances of finding success, we’ve enhanced the member area of UrbanSocial Prime to include members with all interests and characteristics.

You can use our search settings to find exactly who you’re looking for. So whatever you are looking for, Urbansocial Mature could help you find love.

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USk Symposium Meet the Correspondent: I don’t feel comfortable when I leave home without a sketchbook and some pens in my bag. I think that my way to put things in my memory is to draw them.

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Pin It Have you ever come into contact with a guy or girl and felt a spark, but failed to make contact and later regretted it? The app has spread like wildfire in Europe and is just beginning to catch on in the US. If you like what you see, you have two options: However, after hearing about Happn, I was excited to give it a try.

However, there are actually a surprising number of users! Unlike the dude-bro fest that is Tinder or Hinge , Happn seems to have a pretty diverse selection of men, which is cool.

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History of urban planning There is evidence of urban planning and designed communities dating back to the Mesopotamian , Indus Valley , Minoan , and Egyptian civilizations in the third millennium BCE. Archeologists studying the ruins of cities in these areas find paved streets that were laid out at right angles in a grid pattern. Beginning in the 8th century BCE, Greek city states were primarily centered on orthogonal or grid-like plans.

May the best team win! Though that was the aim of the game at The Uber Urban Tryst Challenge, what we were really hoping to do was give the elite singles of Chennai an opportunity to get to know one another over the course of some fun activities.

With one single tap of her phone, she has access to hundreds and hundreds of single men. The bad news, however, is that men and women judge books by their cover more than ever. Dating apps have become the libraries of single men and women who you can rent to take out, and the smartphone is the library card. Then, Tinder came along and transformed digital dating with its quick and simple swipe interface. Forget filling out pages of a relationship questionnaire or reading profiles to find a potential match.

The dating mobile app is predicted to have nearly 50 million active users with 12 million matches. The app processes more than a billion swipes per day, and users spend about 90 minutes a day on the app, which surpasses the average time spent on Facebook. Even while on a date, the high of a match can be more exciting to pursue than a true connection with real potential in person. The options are endless, and everyone is merely just a profile, not a person. Before you judge a man guilty of ghosting, think about how the phone screen also protects you.

Competition in the dating game is fierce. According to research by the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of Americans believe online dating is a good way to meet people.

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This form uses a secure protocol for transmitting your data. To be honest, we’re easily one of largest “social chat” services around, and have experienced success because we are very good at what we do – connect like-minded adults. Through our interactive chat line service, members can connect with other like-minded adults, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes YummyVibe a very secure and discreet chat line service our members private phone numbers are never revealed to others – we’re very serious about security.

So if you are in the mood to reach out and chat with a sexy single about something that’s important to you, give YummyVibe a try. You can record a new greeting each time you call and hear different people on the line each time.

Online dating website for Traditional Jewish singles. Whether you observe Shabbat and Kashrut or are interested in increasing the level of your observance, this is the place to find that special someone who is true to your values.

Next Colombian Singles Seeking Western Men Colombian women have recently sparked an international dating boom as men from around the world have discovered the grace, charm, and intelligence of these hot Latinas. It’s no wonder that Colombia has one of the highest number of beauty pageants of any country in the world. Colombia ladies really do spend a lot of effort to look good, and if you like beautiful Latin ladies that is a very good thing.

Why Date Colombian Women? Women from Colombia are intelligent, family-oriented, friendly and most of all, beautiful. Their culture is a rich mixture of European, African, and Native South American traditions, and their country is safe and welcoming to foreigners. Although they are hot blooded Latinas, Colombian girls are easy going, friendly, and eager to settle down. Colombian girls love their music, but they also value the arts and education. Colombia rivals Mexico in the amount of award winning murals it has, and can even boast its own Nobel Prize winning novelist.

The women of the country value higher education, marry later so they can pursue careers, and are politically active.

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He’s a decent enough young kid who leaves his parent’s homestead and strikes out for the big city of Dallas where his uncle Barry Corbin has promised to find him work in the petrochemical industry. In that was beginning to boom and Texas was definitely a growing place in the USA. Travolta does a good job in making we the audience care about his character who when you come right down to it is a sexist pig.

He meets and marries Debra Winger who’s from the same background, but she’s got some ideas that women should not be shadows of their men. And when she beats him at Gilley’s mechanical bull, a man’s game, that’s it for him. Scott Glenn who’s an ex-convict is working at Gilley’s and this film was his breakout role.

Enjoy Free Online Dating & Social Networking! Urban Passions gives people who are part of the Urban community a place to find one another. You are welcome to use Urban Passions solely as a dating site, since it has all the major features found on mainstream dating sites (e.g. photo personals, groups, chat, webcam video, email, forums, etc.).

Volume 27 , October , Pages Original article Quantifying green cover change for sustainable urban planning: In this study, time series Landsat satellite imagery were used to monitor green cover changes in Kuala Lumpur KL , the largest and capital city of Malaysia. An advanced satellite image processing technique that considers the mixed-pixel problem was employed to determine the fraction of green cover in each Landsat pixel. Most of the increase in green cover was contributed by trees planted along streets and in recreational parks.

Focus group discussions and structured interviews with public, private and non-governmental organizations indicate that green-cover losses can be partly attributed to weak regulations and their poor enforcement. Opportunities to protect and increase green cover in KL are also explored in this study. Such approaches are urgently needed before most of the green areas disappear from the landscape of KL, exacerbating the existing environmental problems in the city.

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Scotlandsocial is a fun and interactive Scottish internet dating site for singles in Scotland and the Borders who want to meet other singles online and try a new style of online dating. Scotlandsocial is not like other dating sites in Scotland. Scotlandsocial internet dating service is where singles in Scotland can meet online as well as find out about the latest dating events and singles nights in Scotland.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban NOT Having Baby Boy Through Surrogacy Or Adoption, Despite Report. November 6th, Truth rating: 2. Keith Urban On Botox Binge? November 4th,

Total imperviousness best watershed metric to explain event hydrology across sites. Abstract Stormwater control measures SCMs are designed to mitigate deleterious effects of urbanization on river networks, but our ability to predict the cumulative effect of multiple SCMs at watershed scales is limited. The most widely used metric to quantify impacts of urban development, total imperviousness TI , does not contain information about the extent of stormwater control.

We then tested multiple watershed metrics that quantify the degree of urban impact and SCM mitigation to determine which best predicted hydrologic response across sites. At the event time scale, linear models showed TI to be the best predictor of both peak unit discharge and rainfall-runoff ratios across a range of storm sizes. Metrics containing information about SCMs did not appear as primary predictors of event hydrologic response, suggesting that the level of SCM mitigation in many urban watersheds is insufficient to influence hydrologic response.

Over annual timescales, impervious surfaces unmitigated by SCMs and tree coverage were best correlated with streamflow flashiness and water yield, respectively. The shift in controls from the event scale to the annual scale has important implications for water resource management, suggesting that overall limitation of watershed imperviousness rather than partial mitigation by SCMs may be necessary to alleviate the hydrologic impacts of urbanization.

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