Justice Dept. Revokes 25 Legal Guidance Documents Dating to 1975

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President Obama bans oil drilling in large areas of Atlantic and Arctic oceans

Tweet Former President Barack Obama has stirred up some resentment with his aggressive return to the political stage recently, and a former governor slammed Obama for attacking his successor — something previous presidents have stayed away from, according to The Hill. Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, a Republican, had some harsh words for the 44th president during a Fox News interview. Dating back to the very founding of the nation, most presidents have been very careful about directly attacking either their predecessor or their successor, a tradition that has been honored by all the other living ex-presidents: Jimmy Carter, George H.

Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W.

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Share via Email This article is over 3 years old Michelle Thomson, right, pictured on the campaign trail before the general election this year with SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon. The Impact team stole the user database in an attack in July, when they demanded that Ashley Madison and its sister site Established Men, both owned by Toronto-based Avid Life Media, be taken offline, threatening to release the personal information in 30 days if their conditions were not met.

We have explained the fraud, deceit and stupidity of ALM and their members. Ashley Madison condemned the attack but did not verify whether the information was genuine. The Guardian has independently confirmed that the email address and details of a Guardian journalist who used Ashley Madison as part of an investigation is in the released database. Others have also spoken about the validity of the information.

Justice Dept. Revokes 25 Legal Guidance Documents Dating to 1975

Manafort has all but vanished from the Washington scene. Today, Paul Manafort is more like The Invisible Man — a worldly political pro whose latest adventure, whispering in the ear of Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych, has handed him a supporting role in a bona fide international crisis. Bush, steered the GOP convention and built not one but two white-shoe D.

John King is CNN’s chief national correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics.

Both children skipped the second grade, and Michelle was later chosen for a gifted-student program that enabled her to take French and advanced biology courses. Making the lengthy daily trip to attend Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, Michelle became student council treasurer and a member of the National Honor Society before graduating as class salutatorian in After earning her J. Assigned to mentor a summer intern named Barack Obama , she deflected his initial romantic advancements before they began dating.

They were engaged within two years, and married at the Trinity United Church of Christ on October 3, In , she was named executive director for the Chicago branch of Public Allies, a leadership-training program for young adults. When Obama decided to run for Illinois state senator in , Michelle proved a disciplined campaign aide by canvassing for signatures and throwing fundraising parties. However, their victory presented the family with new challenges; following the births of daughters Malia and Sasha , Michelle often had to juggle the demands of work and child-rearing alone with her husband tending to business in the state capital of Springfield.

Behind Trump’s victory: Divisions by race, gender, education

Article He will freeze his White House senior staff pay at current levels to the full extent allowed by law The President and his staff recognize that in these austere times, everyone must do more with less, and the White House is no exception. In the Executive Order on Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel, the President, first, prohibits executive branch employees from accepting gifts from lobbyists.

Second, he closes the revolving door that allows government officials to move to and from private sector jobs in ways that give that sector undue influence over government.

Dating Friends Since exiting the White House in January , the Obamas been keeping a relatively low profile, launching the Obama Foundation.

He has gone out of his way to ensure a smooth transition of power. This is going to be a deep dive. This is a review that will be broad and deep at the same time. In , he said, the government did not detect any increased cyber activity on election day itself but the FBI made public specific acts in the summer and fall, tied to the highest levels of the Russian government. Unfortunately this activity is not new to Moscow.

The president has made it clear to President Putin that this is unacceptable. I think the president wanted this done under his watch because he takes it very seriously. This is something the president has been watching closely for eight years now. As you can imagine, something like this might include sensitive and even classified information. We want to brief Congress and the relevant stakeholders, possible state directors. Trump, who has treated Russian president Vladimir Putin with a warmth unequalled by most US politicians, has repeatedly dismissed the accusation as politically motivated.

Earlier this month, all the Democratic members of the Senate intelligence committee publicly intimated the administration knows significantly more about Russian culpability than the October statement revealed, and implored Obama for a public disclosure he has thus far resisted. Yet the White House was more sympathetic to a request earlier this week from several senior Democrats in the House of Representatives, who wrote to Obama requesting a classified briefing on the role the Russians played in the election.

While Democrats, stung by a rout in an election many expected to win, have spearheaded the calls for disclosure of Russian interference, they also have some Republican support.


John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet Book he authored in advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population Forced abortions. A “Planetary Regime” with the power of life and death over American citizens.

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The Barack Obama administration The crisis worked against McCain, whom many voters associated with the unpopular policies of the administration, and worked for the highly charismatic Obama, whose campaign from its outset had been based on the theme of sweeping political change. Obama defeated McCain, becoming the first African American elected to the presidency. In the lead-up to the inauguration, Obama and his transition team, working with Bush, persuaded the Senate to release the last half of the TARP funds, promising that they would be targeted at relief for home owners and at stimulating the credit markets.

Because authorization to block the release of the funds required assent by both houses of Congress, a vote by the House of Representatives was unnecessary. See Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of GDP contracted by 8.

Trump Is About To Find Out Why Obama Avoided Military Intervention In Syria

A real estate mogul, businessman, pageant owner, reality TV star, becomes the 45th US president. If you were raised in the s, it will be the fledgling New York property developer working on renovating some of the city’s most iconic buildings with what he would later describe as a “small loan of a million dollars” from his father. In the 80s, the now-accomplished businessman became widely known for his New York Times bestseller, The Art of the Deal, in which he detailed the path to his riches.

His signature phrase, “You’re fired”, aimed at losing contestants on the show, took on a life of its own as one of the staple catchphrases of the reality TV era. The jump between business and politics has never been grand, and Trump flirted with the idea of several political candidacies from the 80s onwards.

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Mail icon The two became the 32d and 33d senators to support the agreement, one shy of the number needed to sustain a potential Obama veto of any congressional resolution to kill the deal. Both senators, representing states with large Jewish populations and facing intense pressure from both sides of the debate, were seen as key swing votes as Congress prepares to weigh in this month.

He called it “one of the most difficult decisions of my public career. He said the deal would limit Iran’s nuclear program for the next 15 years “with the full support of the international community,” while walking away would lead to “uncertainty and likely isolation. He rejected the idea of pushing for a tougher agreement, saying it would divide America from its international partners in the talks – the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Russia – and undermine U.

The White House needs 34 Senate votes to sustain a potential veto blocking a vote to reject the agreement, and Obama can avoid the spectacle of a veto if he can persuade 41 out of the Senate’s 46 Democrats to support him. New Jersey’s Cory Booker – who has strong ties to the Jewish community and Obama – is now the only undecided senator in the Philadelphia region.

‘Do You Only Date White Girls Now?’

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Sep 24,  · Obama use Hillary‘s unsecured server to communicate with her fact. Obama gave away $B including B in cash to Iran without approval or .

Even if the Assad regime stops using chemical weapons, it will continue to pummel civilians with barrel bombs, predicted Ilan Goldenberg, a former State Department official during the Obama administration. Will it get drawn in the way it did in Libya where we started with a civilian protection operation and ended up with a regime change operation? But in August , a sarin gas attack allegedly carried out by the Assad regime killed 1, Syrians. Three days after the chemical weapons attack, the U.

But Obama never ordered the military to strike. In the days following the gas attack, the administration attempted to drum up international and domestic support for a retaliatory response. By that point, however, it was becoming clearer that the American public, still reeling from drawn-out wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and an ill-fated intervention in Libya , opposed the move. Lawmakers said they were inundated with calls from constituents urging them to vote against military action.

After weeks of deliberation, it was unclear if Obama could get enough votes from Congress. By the time all the views within the administration had filtered up to Obama, he had heard passionate cases both for and against intervention, said Perry Cammack, a staffer for then-Secretary of State John Kerry, at the time. And then, in what appeared to be an-off-the-cuff rhetorical remark, Kerry told reporters the only way for Assad to avoid military action was to turn over his chemical weapons stockpile to the international community within a week.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov jumped at the narrow opportunity. Obama called off the military strike.

Woman Dates Obama & Now She’s MAD In Creepiest Political Ad Yet